How do I use LHS(Latin Hypercube Sampling)?

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민제 강
민제 강 on 12 May 2021
Answered: Jesús Zambrano on 31 May 2021
Branin function= @(x) (x(:,2)-5.1*x(:,1).^2./(4*pi^2)+5*x(:,1)./pi-6).^2 + 10*(1-1/(8*pi))*cos(x(:,1))+10;
X = lhsdesign(n,d);
I'd like to get the values from the boundary and objective functions.
Please let me know.

Answers (1)

Jesús Zambrano
Jesús Zambrano on 31 May 2021
You could try with:
lb = [-5 0];
ub = [10, 15];
x = bsxfun(@plus, lb, bsxfun(@times, X, (ub-lb)); %new sample distribution
z = myfunction(x); % values of the objective function

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