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How can I set the UAV speed and angular speed in EXAMPLE:'UAV Package Delivery'

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wenhan yuan
wenhan yuan on 26 May 2021
Commented: wenhan yuan on 31 May 2021
Hi! I am trying to test ORB-SLAM using the data from ‘UAV Package Delivery'. There was a violent shake leads to an error. So I want to limit the UAV speed and angular speed. I wonder where I can set these parameters. Thanks!

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Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat on 28 May 2021
Hi Wenhan,
Here are a couple of ways that you might be able to achieve what you are looking for:
  • In this model, we control the angular position and thrust, not the commanded speed directly. You can make the quadcopter model less responsive by tuning the parameters of the guidance model (see this example, which explains how you can tune the system-level behavior to fit your desired response).
  • You could capture camera images at a higher frequency, so that ORB-SLAM always has sufficient overlap between subsequent images. You can adjust the sample time of the Simulation 3D Camera block. For example, if you want to capture images at 60 Hz, set the "Sample time" parameter to 1/60.

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