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How can I tweet regularly with ThingSpeak?

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Burcu Arslan
Burcu Arslan on 7 Jun 2021
Commented: Vinod on 9 Jun 2021
I have an Arduino project which collect sound data and send data to the ThingSpeak channel. I want to tweet with POSTMAN. When I click SEND button it works, however I have to create a regular tweeting function. For example, it should tweet the sound value every 2 hours. How can I do this, is there any KEY to complete this task?

Answers (1)

Vinod on 8 Jun 2021
Twitter has limits that prevent you from tweeting the same message repeatedly. The key to using ThingTweet is to tweet a unique message, easily accomplished by including a timestamp in the Tweet.
Burcu Arslan
Burcu Arslan on 8 Jun 2021
Thanks for your reply! Is there a way to add the last read value from the channel to the tweet on React?
Vinod on 9 Jun 2021
You will need to use MATLAB, not just the React with a ThingTweet. Use the webread function in MATLAB to make the POST request to the ThingTweet API.
If you have trouble, please post what you have tried so I can guide you to the solution.

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