Problem 42889. Should Mr McNugget even get out of bed today?

As we learned in an earlier problem, Mr. Frobenius McNugget will go hungry if he cannot eat the specific number of McNuggets he desires. While he was overjoyed with your wonderful scripts to determine the maximum number of McNuggets he could eat, he would appreciate it if your next script would tell him all of the numbers he would be unable to create. That way, he doesn't have to get out of bed at all in the morning, and can spend a lazy day watching things like "Chicken Run" and "Supersize Me" on Netflix.

As before, you will be given the box counts of nuggets. Please return a list of all of the possible numbers of nuggets that cannot be created using those values. The test suite will reshape and sort your list as needed.

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Last Solution submitted on Jun 30, 2019

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