Problem 42998. Electrical Diode Current Calculation

In engineering, there is not always a single equation that describes a phenomenon accurately enough to be applied in all instances of that phenomenon. Sometimes it is more useful to use one equation in a set of circumstances, and another equation in a different set of circumstances. One example of this is with electrical diodes. A simplification of the approximation of the electrical characteristics of a diode uses these two simple equations:

i = I_s * exp(v/V_T) for v > V_T

i = −I_s for v ≤ V_T

Where V_T = 0.026 Volts and I_S = 1*10-8 Amperes. Write a function with one input, the voltage v across this diode, and one output, the current i running through the diode. Use a conditional statement in writing this program.

(Source: 14:440:127 – Introduction to Computers for Engineers – HW3)

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