Toshiaki Takeuchi

Congratulations, Cris LaPierre, for achieving 10K reputation points!

Toshiaki Takeuchi on 13 Dec 2023
Latest activity Reply by Chen Lin on 13 Dec 2023

Congratulations, @Cris LaPierre for achieving 10K reputation points.
You reached this milestone by providing valuable contribution to the community since you started answering questions in Since September 2018.
You provided 3984 answers and received 1142 votes. You are ranked #24 in the community. Thank you for your contribution to the community and please keep up the good track record!
MATLAB Central Team
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 13 Dec 2023
Amazing work, Cris. Congratulations on this milestone!
Rena Berman
Rena Berman on 13 Dec 2023
Congratulations @Cris LaPierre for reaching user level 9 at 10k reputation points and achieving the Master badge!!