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Finite-difference method for two layered model
The first issue I see is on line 17, in the line of code here: w1(:,0) = -w1(:,1); . In MATLAB, array indices start at 1, n...

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How do I make sure two imported .nrrd files are plotted in the same coordinate frame when using nrrdread?
Hi all, I have an MRI volume and a segmentation from a scene in 3D Slicer, and I need to do some analysis in MATLAB. In Slice...

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How can I obtain an array of the xy coordinates for a curve in a picture?
If you have a picture, you can load it as a [width X height X 3] RGB image that you can then manipulate, using the "imread" func...

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How to verify that a number is an integer from 0-1000?
This should do it: row_selectionA = input('Your message here: ', 's'); while ~isgood(row_selectionA) row_selectionA =...

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My figures are not plotting any data, I tried changing the number of points and step size multiple times but it didn't change
They actually are being plotted, but you aren't seeing anything because every point in your data set is the same constant value....

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How can I get intrinsic parameters of virtual cameras in MATLAB views?
I'm writing a simulated computer vision experiment, using virtual cameras to observe a scene instead of real ones. I set up the...

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