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Lateef Adewale Kareem

CypherCrescent ltd, Nigeria

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Applied Mathematician, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineer.

Professional Interests: Reservoir Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Numerical Optimization


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How to set outside a country values to NaN, in a 3d array (lat x lon x time) ?
The best solution is to use google map to get latitudes and logitudes of vertices of a polygon representing the external boundar...

2 years ago | 1


how to create classes in matlab
How to create classes of special data type, overload operators for them and use them in further calculations

4 years ago | 1 answer | 0



Is there any concept like dictionary or hash talbes in matlab like in Python?
Yes. c = containers.Map c('foo') = 1 c(' not a var name ') = 2 keys(c) values(c)

5 years ago | 18

How to solve a second order linear differential equation with a heaviside function
Since its a second order differential equation, there is no need for y''(0) and since you want to solve numerically, you can ...

5 years ago | 0

why my iteration prog doesn't work ?
increase your number of iteration, you will meet the tolerance target

5 years ago | 0

How to find input data that best matches given output data
I guess this is what you wanted fs/2 = 5e11 length(x) = 958576 freq = transpose([10.7 11.213 11.725 12...

5 years ago | 0

How to write and solve system of differential equations?
This is a pde. To solve this problem, I suggest you use method of lines. Discretize the equation in space. let the solution at e...

5 years ago | 1

Remove the discontinuity from tan(x) where odd multiples of pi/2
x=linspace(-2*pi,2*pi,200); f=tan(x); f(abs(diff([0 f])) > 15) = NaN;

6 years ago | 0