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I keep on getting 'index exceeds array bounds'
I presume this is your code. i=1; x1(i)=1; x2(i)=1; x3(i)=1; error_x1(i)=999999999999999999999999; whi...

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display excel data in guitable ?
First load the data file (i.e. xls file) And feed it into uitable with name-value pair. [~, ~, raw] = xlsread('Book1.xlsx')...

5 years ago | 1

Could anyone help me to solve the issue in the command line
for i = [4, 12, 24, 36] feval(symengine,'combinat::bell',i); end Is this what you looking for?

5 years ago | 0

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Indexing Error in Image Processing
If you are trying to get the location of the pixel where a user clicked, then you better try ginput function. ginput(1) will ...

5 years ago | 0

how to add 2( two) function
Hi vaya putra This error comes out because you are basically adding two "functions". What you want to do is probably adding ...

5 years ago | 0

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Find the minimum of 3 2d arrays at each position.
Hi Li zifan Your algorithm is fine, but several parts can be fixed to make it much faster. 1. Preallocation is critical I...

5 years ago | 0

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Separate Drawing of Gaussian Mixture Model
I have a 1D data which need to be separated by two . So I used fitgmdist(data,2); and got # mu # sigma # com...

7 years ago | 3 answers | 0