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Author Architecture Models

Represent architectures using components, ports, and interfaces

Model the physical, functional, and logical architecture of a system. Create visual representations with components, ports, and connections. Components represent architectural systems or subsystems to be used in system design. You can decompose components to add detail and define hierarchical relationships, and you can reuse and reference components across composition models. Convert to architecture model and subsystem references to reuse architectural designs across components. Create variant components and implement multiple design alternatives or variants, chosen based on programmatic rules.

Specify information exchange between components with data interfaces, physical interfaces, and value types using the Interface Editor. A data interface defines the type, dimensions, units, and structure of the data contained within a port and exchanged between components. You can define interfaces locally that are saved with the model, or you can define interfaces in a System Composer™ interface data dictionary to be used across models.

Add and edit intrinsic or operational parameters for architectural design on components and architectures using the Parameter Editor. Promote parameters from components contained in the model to a top-level architecture.

Author edit-time checks for System Composer or define customizations using sl_refresh_customizations.


ComponentAdd components to architecture model (Since R2019a)
Reference ComponentLink to architectural definition or Simulink behavior (Since R2019a)
Variant ComponentAdd components with alternative designs (Since R2019a)
AdapterConnect components with different interfaces (Since R2019a)


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systemcomposer.arch.ElementAll model elements (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.ArchitectureArchitecture in model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.ModelSystem Composer model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.BaseComponentAll components in architecture model (Since R2019b)
systemcomposer.arch.ComponentSystem Composer component (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.VariantComponentVariant component in System Composer model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.BasePortAll ports in architecture model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.ArchitecturePortArchitecture port (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.ComponentPortComponent port (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.BaseConnectorAll connectors in architecture model (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.arch.ConnectorConnector between ports (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.arch.PhysicalConnectorConnector between physical ports (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.arch.ParameterParameter in System Composer (Since R2022b)
systemcomposer.ValueTypeValue type in System Composer (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.DataInterfaceData interface (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.DataElementData element in data interface (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.PhysicalDomainPhysical domain in System Composer (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.PhysicalInterfacePhysical interface (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.PhysicalElementPhysical element in physical interface (Since R2021b)
systemcomposer.interface.DictionaryInterface data dictionary of architecture model (Since R2019a)


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Model Management

systemcomposer.createModelCreate System Composer model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.loadModelLoad System Composer model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.openModelOpen System Composer model (Since R2019a)
openOpen architecture model (Since R2019a)
saveSave architecture model or data dictionary (Since R2019a)
closeClose architecture model (Since R2019a)
createArchitectureModelCreate architecture model from component (Since R2021b)
createArchitectureSubsystemCreate architecture subsystem from component (Since R2023a)
linkToModelLink component to model (Since R2019a)
inlineComponentRemove reference architecture or behavior from component (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.extractArchitectureFromSimulinkExtract architecture from Simulink model (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.exportToAUTOSARArchitectureExport current model to new AUTOSAR architecture model (Since R2023b)
systemcomposer.exportToSoftwareArchitectureExport current model to new software architecture model (Since R2023b)
systemcomposer.exportToVersionExport architecture model and dependencies to previous release of System Composer (Since R2019b)

Model Building

addComponentAdd components to architecture (Since R2019a)
addPortAdd ports to architecture (Since R2019a)
getPortGet port from component (Since R2019a)
setNameSet name for port (Since R2019a)
connectCreate architecture model connections (Since R2019a)
lookupSearch for architectural element (Since R2019a)
getQualifiedNameGet model element qualified name (Since R2019a)
destroyRemove model element (Since R2019a)

Variant Management

addChoiceAdd variant choices to variant component (Since R2019a)
addVariantComponentAdd variant components to architecture (Since R2019a)
getActiveChoiceGet active choice on variant component (Since R2019a)
getChoicesGet available choices in variant component (Since R2019a)
getConditionReturn variant control on choice within variant component (Since R2019a)
makeVariantConvert component to variant choice (Since R2019a)
makeVariantAssemblyConvert variant component to variant assembly component (Since R2023b)
setActiveChoiceSet active choice on variant component (Since R2019a)
setConditionSet condition on variant choice (Since R2019a)

Parameter Management

addParameterAdd parameter to architecture (Since R2022b)
getParameterGet parameter from architecture or component (Since R2022b)
getParameterPromotedFromGet source parameter promoted from (Since R2022b)
resetToDefaultResets parameter value to default (Since R2022b)
getEvaluatedParameterValueGet evaluated value of parameter from element (Since R2022a)
getParameterNamesGet parameter names on element (Since R2022a)
getParameterValueGet value of parameter (Since R2022a)
setParameterValueSet value of parameter (Since R2022a)
setUnitSet units on parameter value (Since R2022a)
resetParameterToDefaultReset parameter on component to default value (Since R2022a)

Value Type Management

addValueTypeCreate named value type in interface dictionary (Since R2021b)
createInterfaceCreate and set owned interface for port (Since R2021b)
setNameSet name for value type, function argument, interface, or element (Since R2019a)
setDataTypeSet data type for value type (Since R2021b)
setDimensionsSet dimensions for value type (Since R2021b)
setUnitsSet units for value type (Since R2021b)
setComplexitySet complexity for value type (Since R2021b)
setMinimumSet minimum for value type (Since R2021b)
setMaximumSet maximum for value type (Since R2021b)
setDescriptionSet description for value type or interface (Since R2021b)

Interface Management

addInterfaceCreate named data interface in interface dictionary (Since R2019a)
moveInterfaceMove interface to another interface dictionary (Since R2023b)
addPhysicalInterfaceCreate named physical interface in interface dictionary (Since R2021b)
removeInterfaceRemove named interface from interface dictionary (Since R2019a)
createInterfaceCreate and set owned interface for port (Since R2021b)
setNameSet name for value type, function argument, interface, or element (Since R2019a)
setInterfaceSet interface for port (Since R2019a)
getInterfaceGet object for named interface in interface dictionary (Since R2019a)
getInterfaceNamesGet names of all interfaces in interface dictionary (Since R2019a)

Element Management

addElementAdd element (Since R2019a)
removeElementRemove element (Since R2019a)
getElementGet object for element (Since R2019a)
setNameSet name for value type, function argument, interface, or element (Since R2019a)
setTypeSet shared type on data element or function argument (Since R2021b)
createOwnedTypeCreate owned value type on data element or function argument (Since R2021b)
getSourceElementGets data elements selected on source port for connection (Since R2020b)
getDestinationElementGets data elements selected on destination port for connection (Since R2020b)

Dictionary Management

systemcomposer.createDictionaryCreate data dictionary (Since R2019a)
systemcomposer.openDictionaryOpen data dictionary (Since R2019a)
saveToDictionarySave interfaces to dictionary (Since R2019b)
linkDictionaryLink data dictionary to architecture model (Since R2019a)
unlinkDictionaryUnlink data dictionary from architecture model (Since R2019a)
addReferenceAdd reference to dictionary (Since R2021a)
removeReferenceRemove reference to dictionary (Since R2021a)
makeOwnedInterfaceSharedConvert owned interface to shared interface (Since R2022a)


Interface EditorCreate and author interfaces in local and shared interface data dictionaries (Since R2019a)
Parameter EditorAdd, edit, and promote parameters for architectures and components (Since R2022b)