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Author Architecture Models

Represent system architecture using components, ports, and interfaces

Model physical and logical architecture of a system. An interface defines the type, dimensions, units, and structure of the data. You can define interfaces saved with the model, or in a data dictionary to be used across models.

Create a visual representation with components, ports, and connections. Specify information exchange between components with interfaces.

Decompose components to add detail and define hierarchical relationships. Use different architecture views to analyze component dependencies and hierarchy. Share components and interfaces with other models.


ComponentAdd component to an architecture model
Reference ComponentLink to an architectural definition or Simulink behavior
Variant ComponentAdd components with alternative designs
AdapterConnect components with different interfaces


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systemcomposer.arch.ElementBase class of all model elements
systemcomposer.arch.ArchitectureClass that represents architecture in architecture model
systemcomposer.arch.ModelRepresent System Composer model
systemcomposer.arch.BaseComponentCommon base class for all components in architecture model
systemcomposer.arch.ComponentClass that represents component or view component
systemcomposer.arch.VariantComponentRepresent variant component in System Composer model
systemcomposer.arch.BasePortCommon base class for all ports in architecture model
systemcomposer.arch.ArchitecturePortRepresent input and output ports of architecture
systemcomposer.arch.ComponentPortRepresents input and output ports of component
systemcomposer.arch.ConnectorClass that represents connector between ports
systemcomposer.interface.DictionaryClass that represents an element in the signal interface
systemcomposer.interface.SignalElementClass that represents element in signal interface
systemcomposer.interface.SignalInterfaceClass that represents structure of signal interface
systemcomposer.query.ConstraintRepresent query constraint


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loadModelLoad architecture model
openOpen architecture model
openModelOpen System Composer architecture model
getPortGet port from component
getEvaluatedPropertyValueGet evaluated value of property from component
openViewsOpen architecture views editor
saveSave the architecture model or data dictionary
findFind architecture elements using query
closeClose System Composer model
renameProfileRename profile in model
addComponentAdd components to architecture
addPortAdd ports to architecture
connectCreate architecture model connections
createModelCreate a System Composer model
createViewArchitectureCreate view
lookupSearch for architecture element
destroyRemove and destroy model element
addChoiceAdd variant choices to variant component
addVariantComponentAdd variant components to architecture
getActiveChoiceGet active choice on variant component
getChoicesGet available choices in variant component
getConditionReturn variant control on choice within variant component
makeVariantConvert component to variant choice
setActiveChoiceSet active choice on variant component
setConditionSet condition on variant choice
systemcomposer.createDictionaryCreate data dictionary
systemcomposer.openDictionaryOpen data dictionary
linkDictionaryLink data dictionary to architecture model
unlinkDictionaryUnlink data dictionary from architecture model
addInterfaceCreate named interface in interface dictionary
removeInterfaceRemove named interface from interface dictionary
setInterfaceSet interface for port
createAnonymousInterfaceCreate and set anonymous interface for port
getInterfaceGet object for named interface in interface dictionary
getInterfaceNamesGet names of all interfaces in interface dictionary
destroyRemove and destroy model element
addElementAdd signal interface element
removeElementRemove a signal interface element
getElementGet object for signal interface element
setNameSet name for signal interface element
setTypeSet type for signal interface element
setDimensionsSet dimensions for signal interface element
setUnitsSet units for signal interface element
setComplexitySet complexity for signal interface element
setMinimumSet minimum for signal interface element
setMaximumSet maximum for signal interface element
setDescriptionSet description for signal interface element
getSourceElementGets signal elements selected on source port for connection
getDestinationElementGets signal elements selected on destination port for connection
destroyRemove and destroy model element
saveAsModelSave architecture to separate model
linkToModelLink component to a model
inlineComponentInline reference architecture into model


Compose Architecture Visually

Create architecture models using built-in model element types, such as components, ports, and connections.

Decompose and Reuse Components

Configure components for reuse across models.

Define Interfaces

Specify interfaces between components with elements containing data types, dimensions, and units.

Assign Interfaces to Ports

Associate a port with an interface using the Property Inspector.

Save, Link, and Delete Interfaces

Use interface definitions across models.

Interface Adapter

Map similar interfaces between ports.

Create Spotlight Views

View components in the context of the entire architecture.

Build an Architecture Model from Command Line

Programmatically build an architecture model.

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