How to make a model realize a specific pattern ?

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Hello all,
for example, if I have a stick that is supposed to draw a circle on a ground, how can I implement a code with the circle function into the stick model like this?
The goal is to learn how to implement a code with a certain function into a model that has been created with the help of Simscape Multibody. With this I would like to later add gait code to the legs of a robot so that it can walk or run.
Thanks in advance.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 25 Nov 2022
This sounds like an inverse kinematics function. You know where the "end effector" (in this case the end of the stick) is supposed to move and what its orientation is, and you want to know the joint angles that will result in that motion.
Take a look at this page to learn more about inverse kinematics in Simscape Multibody. In it, you see how to find joint angles for individual arm positions. If you want the arm to follow a trajectory, you can find the joint angles for a series of points and smoothly transition betweeen those joint angles.


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