How to save the output of each loop in .csv file?

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for i = 1:20
output = myfunction(a, b, c);
Result(:,i) = output;
writematrix(output, 'Output_i.csv')
The 'Result' save the output as 100 rows and 20 columns,
I want to save each column of Result in a seperate .csv file. i.e., I need 20 .csv files
I have tried the following
for i = 1:20
output = Result(:,i)
writematrix(output, 'Output_i.csv')
Is there any way either with in the loop or after obtaing result for each loop to save the oputput of each iteration of loop?

Accepted Answer

Voss on 7 Dec 2022
writematrix(output, sprintf('Output_%d.csv',i))

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Arif Hoq
Arif Hoq on 7 Dec 2022
if your "result " is in matrix form, then try this
% making text files
for j=1:size(result,2)
col= result(:,j);
writematrix(col,[num2str(j) '.txt'])

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