Delay balancing error using R2023b, but have not experienced this in R2017b

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I have currenlty updated my Simulink to R2023b from R2017b. In the past I have been abe to successfully build my models through the HDL workflow advisor or by script with no issues.
Since I have upgraded, to R2023b I am unable to build, as I receive the following error;
"Delay balancing unsuccessful because an extra 27 cycles of latency introduced by optimizations in the feedback loop cannot be offset using design delays for the loop latency budget"
What I do not understand is how the same Simulink project can build successfuilly with R2017b, but does not with R2023b?
I have done some breif reading and am aware of the suggestions, but I cannot help but think this is a settings related problem in the configuration parameters.
I have compared settings with a colleagues R2017b, and there are differences in relation to new settings that have been set in R2023b which do not exist in R2017b.
Can anyone confirm this could be as simple as that, or do I need to introduce latency with delay blocks?
It's hard to understand why the model would need to chage.
I can confirm the model is using clock-rate pipelining.
Dan Lardner
Dan Lardner on 4 Nov 2023
Hello Steve,
Unfortunatley this did not work, and ironically the error suggested to turn that setting back on. I have done that so I am back with the original configuration. However I added a delay downstream of the offending MATLAB function block and tried to build again. This time the same result, but the problem was with an assignment block. Needless to say I have added another delay block downstream of it also and it is currently building, so I will see what happens.
This just feels extremely odd to have to do this, considering in R2017b this is not a problem.
Steven Hatcher
Steven Hatcher on 6 Nov 2023
Hi Dan,
It is the the right configuration to leave AllowDelayDistribution set to on. That is equivalent to PreserveDesignDelay set to off. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my last message.
Let's try to resolve this problem in a phone call.

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Answers (1)

Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 3 Nov 2023
Edited: Kiran Kintali on 8 Nov 2023
The model fails code generation due to pipeline requests at the faster rate that need to be balanced. Need to review generated delay balancing reports and fix the blocks requesting the pipelines that cannot be balanced. More to follow on this.
Dan Lardner
Dan Lardner on 4 Nov 2023
Hello Kiran,
Thanks for the reply. Yes I agree with you.
I would be happy to have a tech support call to resolve this issue.
I am in Australia, however would be happy to take a call, so long as it is not in the early Hrs of the morning.
When can we organise this call?
It is especially important for the project that I am working on that this gets resolved very soon.

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