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Comparison Using a Tolerance

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Yong Teng
Yong Teng on 14 Nov 2023
Commented: Voss on 1 Jan 2024
Hi, can any one help on this question?
The built-in operations x == y and isequal(x,y) will both test whether two numbers x and y have exactly the same value. However, because computers use finite-precision arithmetic, you may often want to test whether two numbers are close, rather than exactly equal. That is,
for some small tolerance
Recall that a function declaration line starts with the keyword function, followed by the same syntax as you would use to call the function.
[out1,out2,...] = fun_name(in1,in2,...)
Write a function named isequal_tol which takes three scalar inputs, x, y, and a tolerance tol.
It should return a single output with the value true if x and y differ by less than tol and false otherwise.
Hemapriya on 1 Jan 2024
@Vipuj same error is coming . . . can you please help me to solve. . . if you solveduhave

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Answers (2)

Anton Kogios
Anton Kogios on 14 Nov 2023
Test cases
isequal_tol(1,5,1e-3) % false
ans = logical
isequal_tol(1,1,1e-3) % true
ans = logical
isequal_tol(pi,3.141593,1e-3) % true
ans = logical
isequal_tol function:
function z = isequal_tol(x,y,tol)
if abs(x-y) < tol
z = true;
z = false;

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 12 Dec 2023
Edited: Cris LaPierre on 12 Dec 2023
The issue in both cases is that there are 2 "isequal_tol.mlx" files open. Please close them both, then either click Reset or navigate away, and then back to this problem (the whole page, not just the task).

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