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the third party installation package got skipped while installing Add ons.

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Sarvar Nengroo
Sarvar Nengroo on 13 Mar 2018
Commented: Sarvar Nengroo on 15 Mar 2018
I am trying to install the hardware support package. After installing the CCS 6.2.0 and control suit, the third party installation package got skipped. When I finished the installation, I got this message in matlab Command Prompt Warning: The C2000 Code Generation Tools version 15.12.3.LTS selected hasn't been tested with this support package. Use it at your own risk or switch to version 6.4.6 tested with the product. > In codertarget.tic2000.setup.Update/validateCCS In codertarget.tic2000.setup.internal.executeCCSLocation In hwconnectinstaller.Step/next. I Formatted my PC multiple times, but got the same message. I need your help.

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Venkatesh Chilapur
Venkatesh Chilapur on 13 Mar 2018
You can ignore the warning for now and start using the support package. Please update for any issues encountered during the time of usage.
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Sarvar Nengroo
Sarvar Nengroo on 15 Mar 2018
after successfully installing the code composer and control suit, I can not find the code composer installed in environmental variablesvariables

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Antonin on 13 Mar 2018
Hi Sarvar,
The recommend version (6.4.6) refers to the compiler version and not the CCS version. You can get different versions of the TI compiler using this link:
Download and install the desired compiler and type
at the command prompt to go through the support package setup again and point to the newly installed compiler.
I hope it helps,

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