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Merge two or more occupancy maps

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Akshay Hiregoudar
Akshay Hiregoudar on 4 Jul 2020
Edited: Sooraj Sunil on 18 Oct 2021 at 0:50
I am trying to build an occupancy map of an environment using MATLAB's Navigation and ROS toolbox along with Gazebo. I have three TurtleBot3 ground robots in three different rooms of the Gazebo environment and I am navigationg them to get the lidar scan data. Now, I would like to build a single map of the environment.
What would be an ideal way to merge all the three occupancy maps into a single map/figure?
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Bram Surewaard
Bram Surewaard on 30 Apr 2021
For a project I would like to achieve the same as you mentioned.
Did you manage to figure out how to do this?

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Answers (2)

Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat on 10 May 2021
Hi Akshay & Bram,
If you know the exact poses of the 3 different TurtleBots, you can call the insertRay function on a single occupancyMap (call function for each lidar reading and input pose of respective robot).
A simple example of this "mapping with known poses" problem is shown in this example (this is for a single lidar).
How are you currently building the map? I might be able to give additional suggestions based on the functionality you are currently using.
Thanks, Remo

Sooraj Sunil
Sooraj Sunil on 17 Oct 2021 at 17:19
Edited: Sooraj Sunil on 18 Oct 2021 at 0:50
Hi Akshay & Bram,
If the initial alignment between the robots are known then the merging is very simple:
  • You can use insertRay as Remo suggested
  • Or alternatively you can get the probability matrix of the individual maps using occupancyMatrix Matlab function then, you can go from probability to the log-odd space and then simply add the probabilities to merge them. Finally to reconstruct the occupancy map based on the new probabilities ( convert log-odd to probability) and with the known resolution use occupancyMap function.
However, if don't know the inital alignment you should employ a merging technique to compute the alignment. I wouldn't recommend multirobot_map_merge but if you want a quick solution you can have a look at it. It can be easily implemented in Matlab using this Matlab example.

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