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Simulation 3D Camera in UAV Toolbox doesn't display output

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Joe Gibbs
Joe Gibbs on 6 Jan 2021
Answered: Remo Pillat on 11 Jan 2021
I'm attempting to simulate a tracking scenario and would like to utilise the UAV Toolbox instead of the 3D Animation and V-Realm builder blocks.
When I connect a video viewer block to a camera I don't get any video output when using a Quadcopter or Fixed wing UAV model as the parent. When selecting the "Scene Origin" as the parent I can manipulate the camera viewpoint as desired but I cannot see the UAV model in the scene. This makes me think that it is an execution problem. I have made sure to set the Scene Configuration and UAV Vehicle execution priorities to 0 and -1 respectively.
Any help would be appreciated!
Many thanks,

Accepted Answer

Remo Pillat
Remo Pillat on 11 Jan 2021
Hi Joe,
This kind of question can be best handled by Technical Support. Please contact them here:
When you contact them, please let them know what version of MATLAB you are using and attach an example model that doesn't work for you.

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