Simscape lead screw constraint issue

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Carson Lansdowne
Carson Lansdowne on 1 Jul 2021
Answered: Steve Miller on 28 Sep 2021
I am currently trying to implement a carriage on a lead screw, but it keeps rotating about the translational axis. No documentation I have been able to find addresses this. I have tried to resolve this by constraining it with a slider joint, but this results in an error in the build.
Thank you in advance
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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang on 23 Jul 2021
It's rotating about a wrong axis? sounds like you need a rigid transform block in the middle to align the rotating axes.

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Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 28 Sep 2021
I recommend you look at this example:
One of your parts should be constrained so that it does not rotate. In the model above, both parts can rotate about the translational axis.

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