Problem 8055. Stress-Strain Properties - 8

Up to this point, you've calculated some material properties based on tensile stress-strain data. For this problem, you are tasked with writing a function to calculate all of these properties and gather them, along with supplied properties, such as strain values, into an array. You'll be provided a cell array of strings in the function template; you must return an accompanying numerical array that contains all the specified properties. Below is the list of properties for a material, both supplied and calculated, that make up the array (with variable names that have been used):

  • Yield Strength (S_y)
  • Yield Strain (e_y)
  • Ultimate Strength (S_u)
  • Failure Strain (e_u)
  • Poisson's Ratio (nu)
  • Shear Modulus (G)
  • Elastic Modulus (E)
  • Density
  • Strain-hardening Exponent (sh_exp)
  • Strain-hardening Coefficient (sh_coeff)
  • Resilience (R)
  • Strength-to-weight Ratio (StWR)
  • Stiffness-to-weight Ratio (EtWR)
  • Absorbed Strain Energy (ASE)
  • Toughness (T)

Previous problem: 7 - toughness.

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