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Dipole Antennas

Meander, folded dipoles, bowties, cylindrical dipole, rhombic, and, biquad

Dipole antennas are also known as linear wire antennas. Dipoles are balanced antennas and are the most fundamental form of antennas. A standard dipole antenna has an omnidirectional radiation pattern. Dipole antennas are used in various applications such as in phased arrays and feeding sources to larger antennas.

The dipole antenna in this catalog supports AI-based tuning and analysis. For more details, see design and AIAntenna documentation.


Antenna DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze antennas
Antenna Array DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze arrays (Since R2019b)


bowtieRoundedCreate rounded bowtie dipole antenna
bowtieTriangularCreate planar bowtie dipole antenna
biquadCreate biquad or double-biquad antenna
dipoleCreate regular or AI-based strip dipole antenna
dipoleBladeCreate blade dipole antenna
dipoleCrossedCrossed dipole or turnstile antenna
dipoleCycloidCreate cycloid dipole antenna
dipoleCylindricalCreate cylindrical dipole antenna (Since R2021a)
dipoleFoldedCreate folded dipole antenna
dipoleHelixCreate regular or AI-based helical dipole antenna
dipoleHelixMultifilarCreate balanced bifilar or quadrafilar dipole helix antenna without circular ground plane
dipoleJCreate J-dipole antenna
dipoleMeanderCreate meander dipole antenna
dipoleVeeCreate V-dipole antenna
rhombicCreate a rhombic antenna (Since R2020b)
wireStackCreate single or multi-feed wire antenna (Since R2020a)


showDisplay antenna, array structures, shapes, or platform
infoDisplay information about antenna, array, or platform
cylinder2stripCylinder equivalent width approximation
strip2cylinderCalculate equivalent radius approximation for strip (Since R2020a)
designDesign prototype antenna or arrays for resonance around specified frequency or create AI-based antenna from antenna catalog objects