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Supported Blocks

For Simulink® semantics not supported by Simulink PLC Coder™, see Structured Text Code Generation Limitations.

View Supported Blocks Library

To view a Simulink library of blocks that the Simulink PLC Coder software supports, type plclib in the Command Window. The coder can generate Structured Text code for subsystems that contain these blocks. The library window is displayed.

This library contains two sublibraries, Simulink and Stateflow®. Each sublibrary contains the blocks that you can include in a Simulink PLC Coder model.

Supported Simulink Blocks

The coder supports the following Simulink blocks.

 Additional Math & Discrete/Additional Discrete

 Commonly Used Blocks



 Logic and Bit Operations

 Lookup Tables

 Math Operations

 Model Verification

 Model-Wide Utilities

 Ports & Subsystems

 Signal Attributes

 Signal Routing



 User-Defined Functions

Supported Stateflow Blocks

The coder supports the following Stateflow blocks.


Blocks with Restricted Support

 Simulink Block Support Exceptions

 Stateflow Chart Exceptions

 Data Store Memory Block

 Reciprocal Sqrt Block

 Lookup Table Blocks